Pastor: David Koenig

David was ordained as the pastor of Pilgriim Presbyterian Church in November of 2016, after serving as interim pulpit supply for 11 months.  

David and Karen Koenig met during grad school in the Chicago suburbs.  David was at Trinity Evangelical Divinity School, and Karen was at Wheaton:

A mutual friend introduced us, and we met downtown on one of the coldest January weekends of the year.  Once we survived being lost in the artic winds of Chicago on our first date our relationship could pretty much stand up to anything.  We were engaged before Christmas and married near Karen’s hometown in Ohio the following summer.

For the first few years of our marriage we were actively involved in a local evangelical church, but we became increasingly concerned as we watched this congregation stray farther and farther from the Gospel or any Biblical model of worship.  God, in His providence, around this time had David assigned Christianity and Liberalism in one of his classes. He also began working at a new job under the supervision of a man who is now an OPC elder.  Upon sharing his growing concerns about our church with him, his boss introduced him to his pastor, Iain Wright, and our journey to the OPC was begun.  We joined Bethel OPC in Wheaton, IL just after our first daughter, Elinor Anne was born.  She was baptized at Bethel and a year later, after David came under care of the Presbytery of the Midwest, we moved to Orland Park, IL for a year-long internship with Pastor Iain Wright at Covenant OPC.  This good congregation sat through all of David’s first sermons and watched him begin to find his footing as a pastor.

When our year was up we decided to spend our summer with David’s parents in Virginia Beach while David finished studying for his licensure exam that Fall.  We were delighted to discover an OPC church plant was in its beginning stages upon moving there and a “summer in VA Beach” quickly turned into two and a half years. We have been more than blessed during this time to see Reformation Presbyterian Church grow from a small Bible Study in a living room to a thriving mission work by God’s grace.  Our second daughter, Hope Renee was born during this time and baptized at Reformation.  David has had the opportunity to preach, teach, and disciple within the congregation during our time here and we are grateful to see how God has used his gifts to further his kingdom.

David and Karen Koenig arrived in early December of 2015.  David succeeds church-planting/founding Pastor Dave Holmlund.  Dave and his family moved to Philadelphia where Dave is serving as the Regional Home Missionary of the Presbytery of Philadelphia.

Elders of Pilgrim Presbyterian Church

  • Matt Cole (clerk)
  • Ed Dubravsky

Diaconate of Pilgrim Presbyterian Church

  • Nathan House
  • Luke Wilhelm